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Logi-ccall Sports Management is an Organisation that is wholly committed to promoting the importance of sports for children in India.

They aim to provide the best International Training Programs to develop and nurture sports talent right from a local level by complete player development philosophy focusing on athletes' mental, physical, and emotional growth to enhance performance on and off the court.

Logi-ccall Sports offers hands on sports programming, leading edge information, and tools focused on the "complete player philosophy". Their approach empowers athletes and their parents by providing a better alternative for navigating the sports landscape so they can climb their own performance ladder at the pace they desire.

For this endeavor they have a variety of Sports Coaches renowned in their respective field of activity.

Market analysis summary

There is a dearth of professional coaching services at grass root level in India. There are few sports management institutes/companies who provide professional coaching and counseling services to aspiring players.

This is a good opportunity for organizations like ours to impart world class training & counseling to budding players. Keeping in mind the current campaigns going on like Ā«marks for sportsĀ» which will boost the children's morale to take active interest in sports other than cricket.

There are around 15000(only Mumbai) children who participate in the inter-school sports competition but do not pursue a career after school as they are not able to reach the professional levels to compete.

Above numbers are for Mumbai alone, but there is huge potential for us to tap across pan-India

Training Defines Performance-Sport


This type of training will become a significant module for successful training/conditioning for athletes and trainers. Previously, great demonstration of these skills were attributed to the genetic gifts the performers possessed. While it is true that some athletes are born more gifted than others, natural genetics is only part of the formula. Directed training and nurturing is the rest. It's time to define what type of athlete you want to be.

Logi-ccall Sports Management

Logi-ccall Sports Management is offering a great opportunity to the students from the Age Category from 10 to 21 to participate in the Paris World Games being held from 7th July,2017 to 13th July,2017. The Event combines the experience of sports along with an irresistible appeal of the city of Paris. All the ingredients that made the success of the Paris World Cup will be gathered from the 7th to the 13th of July 2017 , with in the first place what makes this event exceptional, its environment: PARIS, the city of light.

ENSEMBLE, PARIS IS A FESTIVAL! All is said. Beyond the simple competition, it is the expected attendance of more than 650 teams (all disciplines combined), 15.000 sportsmen and sportsmen from 10 to 25 years and 60 nationalities that motivate us so much with the 200 volunteers PARIS WORLD GAMES as well as the services of the city of Paris.

The best facilities spread over the whole city will be made available to them, the most suitable accommodation and catering facilities, festive entertainment throughout the capital ... everything will still be made for Paris to be magic!

For two years, the Paris World Cup has been gathering thousands of young boys and girls from all over the world to participate in France's largest football tournament. After these two years, it's time for the Paris World Cup to evolve!

Looking forward to the Olympic Games of 2024 that all Parisians dream of hosting, the Paris World Cup is now transforming into PARIS WORLD GAMES. In the WORLD GAMES PARIS, 5 new sports will join Football: Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Rugby Sevens (already tested in 2016) and Volleyball.

All the ingredients that made the Paris World Cup Soccer successful will be put together next July 7 to 13 during THE PARIS WORLD GAMES.

ENSEMBLE, PARIS IS A FESTIVAL! (Ie: Together, Paris is a party). That says it all. More than just a host of sports activities. The 200 volunteers of PARIS WORLD GAMES and Paris City Council take the opportunity to gather more than 15,000 participants from 700 teams and 60 countries for a fantastic week of sports, sharing and fun.

To make Paris your home during the PARIS WORLD GAMES, the best venues of the city are being appointed. The accommodations and university restaurants are already selected and special events are in preparation. Every effort is made to make Paris even more magical!

Please do visit our website www.parisworldgames.com for more detailed insight about the event. See you soon.

Jeetendra Sanjeeva

Logi-ccall Sports Management

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